I appreciate that I can count on Dr. Pichurko to give me spot-focused exercises to help me improve performance and reduce pain. The adjustments always help, and so does the myofascial work. I like that he works with athletes, which makes the conversation a lot easier.
— Julia H.
Dr. Andrew did great at identifying areas of restriction in my shoulder. He gave me good exercises to take home to improve their activation and reduce stiffness in my upper back. He has great adjustment techniques and can really help you out. If you have been dealing with chronic issues, definitely book an appointment.
— Wesley S.
I made an appointment for 3 pm because I had a horrible pain in my waist that didn’t allow me to walk or sit. Dr. Andrew called me and told me to come in as soon as I could because he could tell I was in a lot of pain. I’m so happy he called to push the appointment earlier because when I walked out of there I felt so much better.
— Maria M.
Dr. Pichurko provides extensive quality time during his chiropractic appointments. You’ll leave feeling better and believe that your needs have been attended to.
— J.O.
Dr. Pichurko is a great doc! I’ve been dealing with issues stemming from CrossFit and running. He has helped my neck and leg issues significantly!
— Supriya S.
Dr. Andrew clearly keeps up with the thought leadership in the space and knows how to apply it. He’s helping me through un upper back issue and my wife through some issues with meniscus. Both of us are seeing good results and can see a clear path toward long term remedy here.
— Ben R.
Denver Sports and Family Chiropractic Center has been a big help in my recovery from an auto accident a couple months ago. I have been able to work through many lower back and neck issues that have plagued me. Thank you!
— Daniel S.
I can’t say enough about Dr Pichurko. He’s attentive, listens to you and provides thorough treatment to help.
— Jennifer O.