What's SUP?

While in Austin visiting my sister this weekend, I participated in a new sport that works the entire body and provides for a unique way to sightsee an area. I felt like I was surfing on a flat lake, but kayaking at the same time. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is the new up and coming sport, at least in Austin. It originally came about as a way for the surf instructors to see their students from a higher viewpoint, but is now popular with weekend warriors to elite athletes.

I would highly recommend this for athletes specifically trying to enhance their performance with sports on uneven surfaces (such as skiing/boarding) or trying to build a more stable core. Even the football player, golfer, or hockey player could benefit from this. For the entire hour while paddling, I was contracting my core, balancing on an uneven surface, and strengthening my upper body all at the same time. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon.

If you try out this sport and feel pain, stop by the office to have it looked at. I saw a lot of people paddling with improper form that could easily be corrected with soft tissue treatments and rehabilitation.

Heres a link to a place I found that offers rentals and lessons for stand-up paddleboarding: http://surfsupcolorado.com/