Warrior Dash 2011

I had a very exciting weekend competing in the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain – a 5K obstacle course with “army like” challenges. The race starts off at an elevation of 9,700 ft with a slow uphill until the halfway turnaround point. About a quarter into the race, there’s a mud pit that requires crawling under barbed wire and getting every inch of your body dirty from head to toe. Just when you think the rest of the course is less dirty, you discover that the next obstacles require crawling on hands and knees, walking through muddy spider webbed ropes, climbing on a slippery wall, and pulling on slippery ropes. The race culminated with a jump over fire right before the finish line. In other words, getting dirty was unavoidable. As predicted, the mental challenge of diving into a mud pit was more difficult than any of the obstacles along the course. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a different kind of a race, that challenges you both mentally and physically and provides for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Below are pictures of me and my friend at the competition.