Triathlon Training in One Week

Most people are familiar with the weekend warrior – the person who is too busy for physical activity during the week and makes up for it with excess amounts on the weekend.  This week, I’d consider myself a week warrior.  When I registered for my first triathlon back in May, it seemed like I had plenty of time to train.  However, life and work got in the way.  Now two months later, I find myself 4 days away from race day, and with swimming my weakest link, I have yet to step foot in a pool or lake.  


After returning from a Caribbean Cruise on Sunday where I did a lot of relaxation and definitely not enough exercise, I am making up for lost time. Monday I did an 8-mile run and my pesky ITBand began acting up.  I should have known better than to run that much, because whenever I skip a week of my glute exercises I start to feel that sharp pain in my knee, which I know is my ITBand screaming “please ART me”.  So I followed up that run with an Active Release Treatment, which definitely helped keep me on track.  Tuesday’s workout was an hour of stair running and plyometrics at Red Rocks, to give me the cardio and the glut workout that my body was begging for.  This morning I was able to squeeze in a 30-mile bike ride on the Cherry Creek trail (see picture below).  However, the ride this morning caused some upper back stiffness that will require an adjustment at the office later.  

Regular chiropractic adjustments and ART are an essential part of my workout routine, especially when increasing mileage or workout activities within in a short period of time.  According to a study by the American Medical Assocation in 1997 on runners, “a group of athletes receiving adjustments with another that did not was compared.   After 12 weeks, the group undergoing treatment was 30 percent faster than the control group.”  This was taken from an article in Runner’s World, which can also be found online, entitled “Natural Cures for Running Injuries”.

The triathlon I will be competing in, Tri-for-the-Cure, will no doubt be challenging. However, it could not even come close to the emotional and physical challenges that breast cancer survivors have faced.  My participation in this race is to honor both of my grandmothers – both of whom are breast cancer survivors and two of the most amazing women I know.   On Sunday morning, I’ll be diving in head first and giving it my best shot.