Treating Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes

source: Human Kinetics 2010

source: Human Kinetics 2010

General rules for treating Upper and Lower Crossed syndromes:

·         Stretch the tight and strengthen the weak

·         Almost all injuries can be linked back to this pattern & can easily be avoided by following rules above

·         Proper range of motion is necessary before adding strength and power.

·         Core exercises are necessary:

o   The best exercises are the ones where the spine is neutral.  Avoid sit-ups and crunches.  Instead do planks, dead bug, bird dog, stir-the-pot. 

·         Remember, each person’s injury is unique and there’s not just one way to treat an injury.  You should be evaluated to make sure that you’re appropriately stretching and strengthening the right muscles.  Make sure the provider you see treats the dysfunction and not just the pain, otherwise the problem will continue.

At Denver Sports and Family Chiropractic Center, we treat the body as a whole and have great success with treating overuse syndromes.