Treating athletes at the NCAA Regional Golf Championship

As a proud CU alum, my experience working with the Colorado Buffs has been a dream come true. For all the Buffs reading this, I spent the past four months in DalWard Sports Medicine Center in case the athletes got hurt so that I could rehabilitate their injuries.  I also attended football practices and stood on the sidelines watching them perform drills in the event of an accident.

Last week I provided care for athletes competing in the NCAA Regional Golf Championship at the Vista Ridge Golf Club. One of the more interesting cases I worked on was an athlete that complained of pain in his neck/shoulder when he raised his arm to the side.  I performed Active Release Technique on some of the tight neck and shoulder muscles, but he was still experiencing pain.  This led me to palpate his first rib, which was fixated.  With golfers, more than any other sport, there are often have rib subluxations due to the torque they put on their upper backs when swinging. The first rib, specifically, has an indirect articulation with the shoulder through some of the neck muscles.   With any injury, it is important to check all the surrounding muscles and joints to discover any compensations that may be occurring.