Tips to running faster

I’ve recently spoken with a lot of patients running their first half marathon this weekend – Rock N Roll. Most people, before their first race, feel confident that they can finish, but aren’t sure how fast they’ll be. Since this will be my 8th half marathon, I can speak from experience when I say that pacing is extremely important and saving some energy for the last 3 miles is the key to setting a PR (personal record).

A NY times article came out last week where they discussed a research study done. At first, they had cyclists sprint as fast as they could. Next, they had them watch a computer-simulated game where they raced against an opponent that was purposely 2% faster than them. What they found was that the cyclists actually rode faster than they thought was possible. So when you’re nearing the end of the race this weekend, think of this study and the power of the mind, and push harder than you physically can. Afterall, the only thing limiting you from having a really great race is you. Good luck to all the runners this weekend!

Link to the article: