Dr. Carly at the USA Track and Field National Championship

This week I had the privilege of treating some of the fastest runners in the country at the USA Track and Field National Championship at Drake University.  I was there with a group of prestigious sports chiros, rotating on shifts so that the athletes had access to chiropractic care throughout the day.  On the busier days, I treated about 20 athletes per day.  As to be expected, the majority of the injuries consisted of hamstring strains, Achilles tendonitis, and low back pain.  I had free range with my course of treatment, and used treatments such as Active Release Technique and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, in addition to chiropractic adjusting.  

It was extremely rewarding to treat an athlete and then watch them compete moments later in one of the biggest events in their careers.  I look forward to working more events like these in the future.