Treating Upper and Lower Crossed Syndromes

source: Human Kinetics 2010

source: Human Kinetics 2010

General rules for treating Upper and Lower Crossed syndromes:

·         Stretch the tight and strengthen the weak

·         Almost all injuries can be linked back to this pattern & can easily be avoided by following rules above

·         Proper range of motion is necessary before adding strength and power.

·         Core exercises are necessary:

o   The best exercises are the ones where the spine is neutral.  Avoid sit-ups and crunches.  Instead do planks, dead bug, bird dog, stir-the-pot. 

·         Remember, each person’s injury is unique and there’s not just one way to treat an injury.  You should be evaluated to make sure that you’re appropriately stretching and strengthening the right muscles.  Make sure the provider you see treats the dysfunction and not just the pain, otherwise the problem will continue.

At Denver Sports and Family Chiropractic Center, we treat the body as a whole and have great success with treating overuse syndromes.  

IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships 2014

Dr. Carly Maydenver sports chiropractor, was part of the medical treatment team, working with other therapists and doctors.  212 countries were represented by1600 athletes. 

Chiropractic for Triathlon Performance

A triathlon is an athletic event incorporating back-to-back running, cycling and swimming. Triathlons exert great strain on the body, which may challenge athletes on both physical and mental levels. The extreme training a triathlete must endure can put the body under great cumulative stress, and it’s not uncommon for the athletes to suffer from a broad range of injuries and overuse stresses.

There are numerous worldwide triathlon events, such as Ironman70.3 Half-Ironman, Olympic and Sprint. The majority of these events advocate the use of chiropractic care to aid not only in treating injuries, but also to improve performance. Chiropractic care offers the possibility of enhanced finishing times and a greater likelihood of triathletes finishing events.

Chiropractic treatment is a practice that focuses on the neuromuscular skeletal system and its use optimizes biomechanics. For these reasons, chiropractic care is ideal for athletes looking to treat or prevent injuries.

One type of chiropractic treatment used by many triathletes is the “Active Release Technique,” which is a form of soft tissue treatment based on an advanced movement massage system. It is very effective in locating and treating the cause of soft tissue conditions. Active Release Techniques are used in most of the large name triathlons, including the Boulder Ironman.

Many triathletes suffer from injuries attributed to repetitive strain and stress, since excessive training can result in muscle restrictions due to adhesion formation. Before treatment takes place, a biomechanical analysis of the athlete is conducted to determine the exact location of restrictions in the body along the kinetic chain. Active Release Techniques focus on specific tissues that have become restricted physically, and are then manipulated back into their original texture, tension and position. Once the soft tissues are repositioned, specific exercises are then carried out in order to aid the recovery of damaged tissues.

denver triathlon sports injury

Unlike most treatments, treating the injured triathlete with chiropractic care does not require extended rest periods before improvements are seen. It is very common that injured athletes who receive the Active Release Technique show signs of improvement in just a few sessions. For those who are looking to invest only in preventive treatment, improvement in performance is also achieved in the span of a few sessions.

A possible reason that chiropractic care prior to an event can result in performance enhancement may be that spinal adjustments improve the body’s maximal oxygen consumption ability. Since prevention is easier than treatment of an injury, many professional athletes invest in preventive and performance enhancing chiropractic treatment.

Every body is different. If you have questions about this article or whether chiropractic is an appropriate choice for your specific situation, please ask. Dr. Carly May is certified in Active Release Technique and will be a treating provider at the 5150 and Boulder 70.3 in summer of 2013.