Ski Season Training

Ski season is just around the corner, with email updates being sent out daily informing season pass holders that the ski resorts are getting their first snowfall. Growing up in Florida and having spent the past few years in St. Louis, I never invested in my own skis. This year I waited for the big end of summer sale at Boulder Ski Deals and took a big plunge into my wallet, purchasing skis, boots, bindings, and poles on the same day. On a side note, I’d highly recommend this sale to anyone willing to wait another year for these same items. I think for this reason, I’m more anxious than most and have snow on my mind.

So how can you start prepping for your first day on the slopes, in an effort to avoid an injury?

Like any sport, skiing/boarding are activities that require a strong core to help the body react to the uneven surfaces and last minute turns more easily. Some great exercises include the plank and side plank.

More sport specific exercises include squats, lunges, and general lower body weightlifting. Cardio and endurance will train your body to function better even when its fatigued (which will come in handy on the last run of the day).

If you’re the athlete who spent the entire summer training for a marathon or triathlon, and have neglected weightlifting, now’s the time to begin. If you experience pain while training, or need help developing a training program that will correct movement dysfunction patterns you may have, it is more beneficial to have it addressed before an injury occurs. Please make an appointment as I’d be happy to help you.

Let it snow…let it snow…let it snow…