My first triathlon

I can officially call myself a triathlete!  1:49:00 of strenuous exercise was all worth it, especially s ince I was competing for a great cause.  This race gave me a deep appreciation for the Ironman competitors who do a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a marathon run all in the same day.  It also made me more aware of how important biomechanics and form are, especially with the bike and swim portions.

If you are training for a triathlon of any distance, make sure you stop in the office to get treated.  Active Release Technique is great at increasing range of motion in areas that may be too difficult to stretch on your own (such as the hip flexors or deep hip muscles), which will help to increase your performance.  Check out this link from the ironman website about how there are ART providers at their events: