Maternity Leave Coverage Information

Dear Patients,

As you know, I am about to embark on a journey of a lifetime and I am just weeks away from welcoming my sweet baby girl into this world. I am blessed by this journey and fortunate to have patients like you who are just as committed to me as I am to you. I know in times of change or transition that it can feel uncomfortable, but trust me as I tell you my #1 commitment during my maternity leave is for you to feel no hiccups, gaps or holes in our service. 


With that being said, I am THRILLED to introduce you to D. Alexa Sheppard, who will be assisting with my maternity leave.  As many of you know, my purpose in life and in business is POWERFUL New Perspective and I have always believed in treating the root cause of an issue, and not just treating the problem.  She shares this same perspective and will be an amazing addition to our team and to your progress while I am away. 

She will be around the office over the next few weeks, watching some of the patient treatments and learning the computer systems.  Every chiropractor has a slightly different approach based on where they received their education.  Though her treatments may be a little different, she is an extremely talented chiropractor and I know you are in great hands with her (pun intended).  Dr. Alexa will have access to all your patient notes and will be 100% willing and capable to service your needs at your next appointment.

Baby Z is due January 7 and I plan on being present at the office until she arrives.  Dr. Alexa will be with us from January 2 - March 2.  If Baby Z is on-time or late, I will be at the office the first week of January overseeing the office flow and treatments, but the treatments will be performed by her.  I'm going to allow my body to rest during that last week, which is just as hard for me as it is for you.  

As you already know, I really enjoy coming to work every day and helping my patients to move and live better.  If I have an easy recovery from labor, there's a very good chance that I'll come back to the office after 2-3 weeks and see only established patients for a few hours each week.  This will be a game time decision and I will keep all of you informed.  

Thank you for being such amazing patients and supporters during this time.


Dr. Carly Zuehlke