Ironic: Chiropractor with Back Pain

August has been an extremely active month for me. It included my first triathlon, the Warrior Dash, and climbing four 14ers in one day (with ridge walks in between them). There is so much irony when I admit that I am suffering from bouts of low back pain. When I ran cross country in high school, I developed an overabundance of injuries that led to an MRI of my low back. At that time, it displayed a spondylothesis, which is a common injury in a runner at that age. A spondylothesis is an anterior slippage of one of the vertebra, in my case of the L5. There are many different classifications for them, but mine was considered stable and not a huge concern. In fact, it was never brought to my attention or addressed at that time. It wasn’t until years later while I was in chiropractic school that I dug into my closet to read my old xrays and MRIs and discovered it.

Due to this injury, I have an exaggerated curvature of my lumbar spine. In my case, it requires extra rehab and strengthening of my core, as well as stretching of my hip flexors to keep my pelvis from tilting forward.

If you are suffering from low back pain, please come into the office and have it examined and treated. Active Release Technique works to break up adhesions in the muscles, which decrease your motion and eventually lead to pain. Rehabilitation exercises are equally important to help protect the low back when participating in activities such as running, lifting, biking, etc.