Back to my Colorado Roots

Last weekend, I took a trip back in time to the place where my Colorado roots took hold.  I went to visiting day at Sanborn Western Camps, in Florrisant, where my 12 year old cousin is lucky enough to be a camper; it was here that my own life took shape as a child.

For five wonderful summers, I challenged myself to new adventures and unique adventures at Camp.  My fist summer at Sanborn, a three-day backpack trip was really difficult for me; by the time my fifth summer came to be, I was climbing 14ers, camping solo, and building my own campfires.  I did five day horseback riding trips, tubed down the South Platte River, enjoyed astronomy overnights, and high rope courses – quite a change from my childhood in Miami!  At camp, each camper chooses his/her own activities, encouraging responsibility and independance.  That was where much of my growing and learning took place as I conquered challenge after challenge until I became the person I was meant to be.

I’ll never forget Sunday nights, perched on the rocks pictured below, singing songs and watching the sun set over Pikes Peak along with the summer friends I shared my growing with each summer.  I believe it was right there that my love for Colorado inspired me to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and become the doctor that I am today.